S.O.T.P. - Symphony in Code [DIGITAL]

S.O.T.P. concept album largely composed and mathematically hand-coded/programmed in modern development languages utilizing distinct basic synth waveforms. Contemporary new electronic music. 10/05/2017

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1mother may i2:01
2composed outside among crows, frogs and beasts (adventurer's bane)1:58
3five of wands0:53
4stanczyk'$ night out1:58
5waiting by the well of the proverbial peach2:29
6llama's journey4:47
7the falls3:33
8dimensions of darkness2:20
9approaching the light2:12
10champer goldbraid1:26
11icarus walzer3:34
12triangle beach1:35
13good old timey2:30
14proverbs and redux2:01
15little lapin2:00
17d'ol falla2:01
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